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Social Links

The following are links to recommended social sites like schools, groups and organizations either teaching circus skills and/or using performances/workshops to entertain and help people in poor countries:


Circus school project in Nicaragua. This site in had Englsih and German versions but the latest updates have limited to just Spanish. It shows the Escuela de Comedia project for street kids in Granada, Nicaragua. Kids here get training in miming, acrobatics, clowning, juggling etc. as well as the opportunity to perform. Donations are welcome to help up-grade their recently constructed eco-friendly school building and keep their efforts going without cost to the local community. I’ve personally met up with this group during multiple European performance tours and performed with them in Costa Rica and Nicaragua:

La Tarumba – circus/music school project in Lima, Peru. This site in Spanish/French/English (English version was not working last time I looked!) shows the project in Lima, Peru. They are now well established in the Lima suburb of Miraflores where they have their school which I visited twice in the early 90’s. They now have a big top to present their shows which not only give the kids a chance to perform but also further their messages of hope while informing people about topics like ecology, women’s rights, kids rights etc. They also give shows and workshops in the poorer communities:

Clowns without borders. Based in the USA, this group now has associate organizations in at least 8 other countries. They seek to improve the psychological conditions of people in crisis situations (refugee camps, conflict zones, territories in a state of emergency etc.) through humor and laughter. Their volunteer artists give performances and workshops to kids and educators. The website has photos and very interesting journals of their many trips:

Yanomami help group. Site in German, English and Spanish. This organization was founded by a personal friend, Christina Haverkamp from Kiel, Germany with the purpose of helping the Yanomami Indians in the rainforests of Brazil and Venezuela. Efforts include medical clinics, schooling and help to protect the rights of these indigenous people:

World wide smiles. Based in the UK and Holland, this is a group of professional clowns that provide free shows to orphans, hospitals, special needs schools and the very needy in poor countries often torn by strife or disaster. I only know this group from the internet but they seem legit:

Piel de Luna Llena. This is a project to help street kids in Peru. Through juggling, clowning, surfing etc. these kids have some escape from their burden as child laborers. Information about the project is in German, Spanish and English on the site of clown “Kiko” a Peruvian clown living in Zürich, Switzerland who I know well:

Kinder Kultur Karawane. This is a German (only) site which translates as “Children’s’ Culture Caravan”. Sponsored by Unicef/Unesco and Ron William, a German based American singer/actor this organization helps third-world children’s performing groups. They set up, organize and finance summer tours through Europe, giving these young performers a chance to see and interact with other cultures and similar groups:

Fairtrade. This is a movement supporting fair trade practices in the third world. Help poor countries the effective way by buying products by local producers who are treated properly:

Caring Clowns International. A non-profit humanitarian organization that makes clown shows for orphanages, hospitals, homeless centers and many other needy causes. They also support funding for other nonprofits:

Clinic Clowns in Kiel, Germany. This site is in German only. It is from one of the popular clinic clown projects that helps children in hospitals. Especially for long term sick kids, boredom and depression can be deterred by empathetic clowns bringing a little fun into their lives. One of the founding members is an old acquaintance, Harald, who I first met in the mid 1980’s. He’s a big guy with a big heart and a lot of dedication.

LIGA International.  LIGA – also known as the flying doctors of mercy is a non-profit, non-denominational humanitarian organization that provides free medical services to the poor in Sinaloa, Mexico. My late sister Kate was one of the doctor-pilots who regularly volunteered here: